Guidelines for submissions

  • All submissions must arrive electronically as an attachment. Name files in the following format: GENRE_AUTHORLASTNAME_TITLE
  • We do not accept previously published material.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, however, please let us know if it has been accepted elsewhere.
  • The average response time is three to six weeks but it can be longer. Feel free to query about submissions after 45 days.
  • Contributors receive three copies of the issue in which their work appears, plus a one-year subscription.
  • We do not accept submissions by fax.

    Submissions open January 1st, 2019


What we’re looking for–

  • Lines that demonstrate a keen awareness of how lining opens up meaning.
  • Language that demonstrates an understanding that a poem is a thing, and not a reference to a thing.
  • Mastery of syntax and mechanics.
  • While there are no strict length requirements, the poetry editors prefer to read at least three pages of poetry.


What we’re looking for–


  • Descriptive work with a strong narrative feel, well-drawn characters, and engaging story.
  • We’re open to most genres but we don’t tend to accept horror or science fiction unless it’s extremely well done.
  • Overall, we want well-crafted, solid pieces that move us. The best way to know what we like is to pick up a copy of SKR.
  • We will consider pieces up to 5000 words

Creative Non-Fiction

  • Rich language that supports and embraces the narrative of the piece. Craft the work beautifully so that it draws us in.
  • Topics that engage and challenge the reader. Don’t be afraid to approach difficult subjects; make it personal and relatable.
  • Smart pacing and a strong sense of rhythm in the work. We love to see a sense of story shining through but don’t drag us along or force it; invite us in, and tell it well.
  • We will consider pieces up to 5000 words
  • Saint Katherine Review accepts reviews of varying lengths: from notes (150 – 500 words) to regular book reviews (500 – 1200 words) to review essays (1200 – 6000 words). Reviewers should consult back issues of Saint Katherine Review for examples. Please query before submitting review essays.

  • Reviewers should consider Saint Katherine Review‘s audience: what contextual information will they need and/or expect? It is often helpful, for example, to discuss where the author or book fits in the contemporary scene and/or in literary history. Helpful, too, are considerations of how the author’s book relates to the author’s other books.

  • Please include citations—including page numbers. We will format your review if accepted.