St. Katherine Review is committed to providing a beautiful, well crafted literary journal, whether it is our digital or print format. As much as we hate to charge for submissions, it is the best way for us to continue to produce SKR throughout the year and, in fact, every dollar helps us to reach our goal in 2019 of becoming a paying market for our writers. We hope you’ll consider your submission fee a step toward supporting the delicate ecosystem of independent literary journals.

Guidelines for submissions

  • All submissions must arrive electronically as an attachment. Name files in the following format: GENRE_AUTHORLASTNAME_TITLE
  • We do not accept previously published material.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, however, please let us know if it has been accepted elsewhere.
  • The average response time is three to six weeks but it can be longer. Feel free to query about submissions after 45 days.
  • Contributors receive three copies of the issue in which their work appears, plus a one-year subscription.
  • We do not accept submissions by fax.

  • Submissions open

    January 1st – March 20th
    July 1st- Sept 30th


What we’re looking for–

  • Lines that demonstrate a keen awareness of how lining opens up meaning.
  • Language that demonstrates an understanding that a poem is a thing, and not a reference to a thing.
  • Mastery of syntax and mechanics.
  • While there are no strict length requirements, the poetry editors prefer to read at least three pages of poetry.

What we’re looking for–

  • Descriptive work with a strong narrative feel, well-drawn characters, and engaging story.
  • We’re open to most genres but we don’t tend to accept horror or science fiction unless it’s extremely well done.
  • Overall, we want well-crafted, solid pieces that move us. The best way to know what we like is to pick up a copy of SKR.
  • We will consider pieces up to 5000 words

Creative Non-Fiction
What we’re looking for–

  • Rich language that supports and embraces the narrative of the piece. Craft the work beautifully so that it draws us in.
  • Topics that engage and challenge the reader. Don’t be afraid to approach difficult subjects; make it personal and relatable.
  • Smart pacing and a strong sense of rhythm in the work. We love to see a sense of story shining through but don’t drag us along or force it; invite us in, and tell it well.
  • We will consider pieces up to 5000 words


  • Saint Katherine Review accepts reviews of varying lengths: from notes (150 – 500 words) to regular book reviews (500 – 1200 words) to review essays (1200 – 6000 words). Reviewers should consult back issues of Saint Katherine Review for examples. Please query before submitting review essays.

  • Reviewers should consider Saint Katherine Review‘s audience: what contextual information will they need and/or expect? It is often helpful, for example, to discuss where the author or book fits in the contemporary scene and/or in literary history. Helpful, too, are considerations of how the author’s book relates to the author’s other books.

  • Please include citations—including page numbers. We will format your review if accepted.