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  • Poetry by

    David Craig Devon Miller-Duggan Raina Joines  Paul T. Corrigan Stella Nesanovich  AMIE Sharp ANNE Babson SUZANNE Underwood Rhodes

  • Prose by

    JEFFREY S. Markovitz PHILIP Kobylarz ALINE Mello

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    EIGHTH DAY Books

CONTRIBUTORS to Volume 5 / Issue 3

ANNE BABSON is possibly the only poet published by both the Christian Right and the Communist Left. Her collection The White Trash Pantheon won the Colby H. Kullman prize. The opera for which she wrote the libretto, Lotus Lives, was performed in Boston and Montreal last year. Her work has appeared in journals on ve continents. She teaches writing and literature at Southeastern Louisiana University and writes a blog called The Carpetbaggers Journal about living as a Yankee in the South.

PAUL T. CORRIGAN teaches writing and literature at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. He has published work in Sewanee Theological Review, Christianity & Literature, Literature & Belief, and other venues. His interview with Li-Young Lee recently appeared in Image. His dissertation at the University of South Florida, Wrestling with Angels: Postsecular Contemporary American Poetry, interprets contemporary poems that are spiritual or religious in nontraditional ways, particularly including the work of Li-Young Lee and Scott Cairns. He lives in the Peace River Watershed and walks to work.

DAVID CRAIG has published seventeen collections of his own poetry, two works of fiction. His poetry has been widely published (300+) and anthologized – most significantly in David Impastato’s UPHOLDING MYSTERY for Oxford University Press. He has been nominated for various prizes and his WHOSE SAINTS WE ARE was chosen among the ve “must reads” for THE CHRISTIAN CENTURY’S Christmas book issue in 2013. He has also co-edited three anthologies of Christian poetry with Dr. Janet McCann of Texas A & M University and teaches Creative Writing as a Professor at the POETRY 31 Franciscan University of Steubenville where he edits the Jacopone da Todi Poetry Prize.

DEVON MILLER-DUGGAN has published poems in Rattle, Shenandoah, Margie, Christianity and Literature, Gargoyle. She teaches Creative Writing at the University of Delaware. Her books include Pinning the Bird to the Wall in 2008 and a chapbook, Neither Prayer, Nor Bird in 2013. Alphabet Year, will be published by Wipf & Stock in 2016. RAINA JOINES has an MFA from the University of Florida and teaches poetry workshop, literature, and composition at the University of North Texas, where she is the faculty advisor for the North Texas Review. She is the recipient of fellowships from Blue Mountain Center, the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences, and the Lillian E. Smith Center. She received a First Honorable Mention for her poetry from the Dana Awards in 2015, and her work is out or forthcoming in Measure, Crab Orchard Review, and Grist: The Journal for Writers. DONOVAN MCABEE serves as Assistant Professor of Religion and the Arts in the College of Theology and Christian Ministry at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, in an interdisciplinary degree program, where students major in Religion and the Arts, and minor in the area of their primary art.

STELLA NESANOVICH is the author of two full-length poetry collections: Vespers at Mount Angel and Colors of the River as well as four chapbooks of poems. Her poetry has appeared in many journals and magazines as well as over twenty anthologies. In 1999 she received an artist fellowship from the Louisiana Division of the Arts; in 2009 and in 2015 she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She is Professor Emerita of English from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Her website is

AMIE SHARP was the featured poet for the July 2013 issue of Atticus Review, and her poems have appeared in Forge, Grey Sparrow Journal, the Lascaux Review, the Bellevue Literary Review, the Pisgah Review, the 2River View, and the New Formalist, among other places. She received an MA in English from the University of South Florida and an MFA in poetry from Seattle Paci c University. A member of the Colorado Poets Center, she is now an assistant professor of English at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, where she teaches poetry, com- position, and literature.

SUZANNE UNDERWOOD RHODES has published ve books of poetry and lyrical prose. Her most recent is a chapbook, Hungry Foxes, and she’s nearing completion of a second full collection. She has recent or forthcoming poems in the Christian Century, Poetry East, Spiritus, Midwest Quarterly, ART, Town Creek Poetry, and Mothers Always Write, and was published in a previous issue of SKR. She teaches poetry at the Muse Writers Center in Norfolk, Virginia.