SKR Volume 4.4

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Saint Katherine Review • 2014 • Volume 4, Number 4

ISSN 2157-1759

Editorial Staff

Editor • Scott Cairns

Managing Editor • Gaelan Gilbert

Nonfiction Editor • Kathleen Norris

 Poetry Editor • Claire Bateman

Fiction Editor • Caroline Langston

Founder • Frank Papatheofanis

Cover Art: “Nativity” by Angelica Sotiriou, Acrylic on canvas, 9’ x 3.5’

Saint Katherine Review is published quarterly by Saint Katherine Press, the publishing arm of Saint Katherine College

1637 Capalina Road, San Marcos, CA, 92069

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Michial Farmer
Bach in Köthen

Marjorie Maddox
“If He Who Can Does Not, It Must Be Better So”

Bruce Kirby

Tom Sturch
Via Negativa

Judith Kunst
Third Anniversary: Leather

Charlotte Matthews
Biplane Wingwalker

Nathan E. White
Pale Litany in Time of Protest

Stephen Kampa
First Gig

David Wright
On the Prairie, with a Hermeneutic Eye


Jennifer Anne Moses


Kariss a Knox Sorrell

Hege Anita Jakobsen Lepri
Back from Gesthemani

Kenneth Garcia
A Softening of Nature’s Edges

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