SKR Volume 4.1


Saint Katherine Review • 2014 • Volume 4, Number 1

ISSN 2157-1759

Editorial Staff

Editor • Scott Cairns

Managing Editor • Gaelan Gilbert

Nonfiction Editor • Kathleen Norris

 Poetry Editor • Claire Bateman

Fiction Editor • Caroline Langston

Founder • Frank Papatheofanis

Against Chaos (from the series Building in Ruins) ©2010 Bruce Herman oil on wood; 65” x 48” reproduced courtesy of the artist – for more information visit:

Saint Katherine Review is published quarterly by Saint Katherine Press, the publishing arm of Saint Katherine College

1637 Capalina Road, San Marcos, CA, 92069

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Ashley Crout
God Is in the Longing: Sonnet Sequence

Christopher Davis
Notes for a Monody for Me

Gina Franco
from Substantial

Karen Winterburn
Breaking Camp

Mercy Gallag her Teague
On Not Being Sorry

Kevin Marshall Chopson
In the Flatness of Saltwater

John Grey
At the End of the Drought

Dave Harrity


Jim Meirose
Love in the Garden

Frank Freeman
The Snowstorm


Anne Strachan
Seeking God

Steve Adams
All Glory to God

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